Costs of Painting Interior & Exterior of a House

For your home, a new coat of paint may do wonders. Your home’s value may go up if you paint it, or you may just like the way it looks more. Regardless of the reason you want to paint your home, the first thing that probably crosses your mind is how much it will cost? Your initial response is typically to enquire about how much it will cost to paint a house in New Zealand. However, you shouldn’t start there.


You will receive a range of pricing when you request quotations from local painters for the cost of painting your home. Companies will provide quotes that range from very low to quite pricey. Although it can be enticing, accepting a low quote can be risky.


The services used vary, so do the prices for painting. Quality also varies.


First, a Few Points to Ponder

The cost of the paint will be one of the criteria used to calculate the cost of painting a house. Making your paint choice in advance can also assist you avoid postponing your painting and increasing the expense. What type of finish will you use and the colours that you want to employ are the two main factors to take into account when choosing paint.


The detailing is another factor. It may be more expensive for you to have your home detailed. The old paint will appear horrible if you omit the detailing, such as windows and doors, on the other hand.


Setting Up

The amount of preparation work needed may vary depending on the type of house the painters are painting. Expect at the very least a couple of hours of preparation time to lay down floor protection, clean the walls, and apply painters tape where additional detail is required. Just a portion of the work that might be required is listed here. Although our team of painters is primarily situated on the North Shore, we travel all around Auckland because Superior Painters has various teams of painters throughout Auckland, so we are aware of the variations in climate and humidity.

Some walls might need to be primed before you can paint them, which requires more time and materials. Previous-finish walls do not usually require.


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