Do you want to learn to skateboard? Adults can also learn.

“Hey, isn’t this a young person’s hobby?” you might think when you first hear about skateboarding.

Sure, the majority of skateboarders are in their early twenties. Don’t be deterred by this.

That figure is fluctuating. And things are changing quickly.


Skateboarders aged 12 to 17 made up 70% of the population in 2006.

It’s now at 45 percent.

Having said that, you may have never ridden a skateboard. Alternatively, you may have been out of the game for a long time.

Are you apprehensive about giving it a shot? Or even resuming skateboarding?

Don’t be that way.

So you’ve reached adulthood and have responsibilities? I’m in the same boat. This does not preclude you from studying.

It’s natural to be apprehensive about trying anything new. You’ll learn a lot from this book.


Select a practise area.

You could be thinking to yourself when you start to skateboard, “Where am I going to practise? Should I go to my neighbourhood skatepark?”

And while you are correct in your assumption… Think about it.

It might not seem like a bad idea to gather your belongings and head to your neighbourhood park. But how does skating in front of dozens, if not hundreds, of people strike you? It’s possible that it’ll make you want to give up.

Also, keep in mind that we must maintain a cheerful attitude. So let’s begin at the bottom and work our way up.

The good news is that you can practise the fundamentals in your driveway, sidewalk, or even front lawn.


Making your move: launching yourself into action.

Pushing off should only be attempted if you are comfortable with everything else.

Let’s take your rear foot off to push once you’ve achieved balance with both feet on the board, as seen in the photo above.

As a result, after pushing off with your back foot, you’ll return to the board. Isn’t that simple?

The idea is to maintain your weight while moving. As you did while standing still.

Do you see how everything fits together?

Keep your weight on the balls of your feet at all times. This will assist you in adjusting to the board’s movements.


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