How to test your internet speed for free

There are several free ways to determine whether you’re receiving the broadband speed your service provider promises to deliver or whether a sluggish Wi-Fi connection is to blame for videos buffering or games lagging.

Knowing if your home Wi-Fi or your broadband is slow can frequently be difficult. Additionally, running a “Wi-Fi speed test” is not the same as evaluating your broadband speed, even though many programmes (and individuals) use the phrases synonymously.

You might not get an accurate result if you attempt to test your internet speed via a sluggish or slow Wi-Fi connection because a slow Wi-Fi connection can be the bottleneck.

Free internet speed test is the tool we use to test broadband speeds. You can do this online or by downloading the app for iOS and Android.

If you test on a Wi-Fi-connected device, make sure you stand close to your router because it will tell you how quickly your connection is, usually within a minute. It’s advisable to conduct the test on a laptop or PC connected directly to your router through an Ethernet cable in order to rule out the potential of slow Wi-Fi.
You can also utilise several other websites, such as,, and

Your broadband speed will determine how quickly you can connect to the internet. The fastest broadband in the UK can supply 1Gbps (like Virgin Media’s Gig1 plan), which is quicker than the majority of Wi-Fi routers can offer. However, almost every router provided by your ISP will provide Wi-Fi that is faster than your broadband speed. They ought to be able to handle 300-500Mbps at close range if they support Wi-Fi 5.

How to test your Wi-Fi speed

If the speed result is slower than you anticipated and the test was conducted over Wi-Fi, you can check your Wi-Fi speed independently to determine whether or not that is the cause of the problem. Finding a Wi-Fi speed test app might be challenging because many broadband testing apps use a “Wi-Fi speed test.”

However, you may disable the internet portion of an Android app called WiFi Speed Test Internet Speed by Zoltán Pallagi and only check the speed of your nearby Wi-Fi. Although not the prettiest, it serves its purpose.

What internet speed do I need for Netflix, Zoom and gaming?

Here are some recommended speeds if you’re checking your broadband speed to see if it can handle particular tasks:

  • 1.5Mbps download speed for streaming HD video.
  • Download speed of 5 Mbps for HD video.
  • 25 Mbps for 4K video download.
  • 50Mbps for streaming 8K video (minimum – recommended is 100Mbps).
  • 4Mbps download / 3Mbps upload for Zoom / Teams video calls (for HD).
  • Online gaming: ideally 50 ms, but usable at 100 ms. Utilizable time may exceed 150 ms.

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