Leather Options For Promotional Keyrings

The majority of promotional keychains are constructed of leather, metal, or plastic. Each of these textiles has a unique appearance and feel; plastic keychains, for instance, come in a wide range of vibrant colors and are stiff and brittle. Include novelty plastic keyrings in various colors or forms for a low-cost approach to inject some fun into your promotional line. Leather can be a great alternative if it is not the appearance you want.

A high-quality leather keyring looks extremely different from one made of plastic; it has a lot more traditional appearance and feels more expensive even though it is not significantly more expensive. There are numerous situations where you’ll want to present a gift that has the opulent feel that leather offers, even though leather lacks the sense of fun that a colorful novelty plastic keyring has.

If you would prefer, you can upgrade these three promotional keyrings to genuine Finecell or Tuscana leather for a price starting at $0.58 for Finecell and $0.69 for Tuscana leather. Both of these fabrics have a really opulent quality, and when combined with a foil-blocked pattern, they appear extremely lovely. Each keyring is offered in a selection of hues, such as black, burgundy, and red.

There are various possibilities for hybrid leather and metal keyrings if your budget can go a little bit farther. Each has a leather tag that is inlaid with a polished, satiny-smooth stainless steel medallion. Each medallion is printed and die-stamped to provide a very appealing, premium product. Starting at just $1.05 per item, these fashions are quite inexpensive. The metal inset can be coated with a tough epoxy resin for a little bit more ($1.28 per item) to provide a printed message that is significantly more durable.

Each leather keyring’s cost already includes the cost of a foil-blocked or one-color printed design. A colorful design is relatively economical because additional print colors may be purchased for as low as 0.15 cents each. Leather keyrings are a particularly popular choice for executive gifts, “thank you” gifts for attending product demonstrations or for esteemed clients, and incentives or awards for staff members because of their beauty.













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