You probably noticed that many of our keychains, carabiners, bottle openers, and other products have the option to order a sample when exploring our collection. In this post, we’ll discuss the many kinds of samples, the reasons you would want to order one, and the ordering process. Continue reading to learn more.

Since we can offer cheaper costs when ordering a large quantity, we specialise in customising our promotional keychains in bulk, which provides a wonderful value to our consumers. However, there are situations when you could feel hesitant about paying so much cash on something you haven’t seen. Our sample products come into play here.


You can get one of two different sample types from us. Once you are aware of them, understanding the differences is rather straightforward. The first kind of samples we provide are generic in nature and are available on our website.


They are exactly what they sound like: generic samples. For the aim of providing examples of how the finished product will seem, we maintain a supply of excess inventory. We have instances of customised things like lapel pins and coins, but the majority of these are engraved objects like carabiners or keychains. These are meant to demonstrate how a product is generally fitted and finished. To offer you a sense of what would look well on our products, our generic samples may include extra copies of prior orders or just be a logo or website that was chosen at random.These can be bought directly from several of our product pages for reasonable prices. By making them accessible in this manner, you can place an order whenever you choose without requiring making plans with our staff.


“Spec” samples are speculative sample orders in which we produce a single sample using your actual artwork. Spec samples are helpful if you require a polished representation of how the final product will look and feel, even though we offer digital proofs for all of our products. You might, for instance, need board clearance before placing a full order or have extra reservations about how our items would work with your planned usage.

In most situations, there will be a setup fee for the artwork, and depending on the item, there may be additional fees for custom casting or moulding. If you want to place a whole order, we can frequently apply this cost to the final sum.


You might be interested in ordering a sample for a number of reasons. For us, the most important factors are form, quality, and look. Even though you can learn a lot from the pictures on our website, sometimes you really need to handle the item in your hands to completely grasp how it might work for you.

It might be challenging to determine the quality of something by viewing an image online, just like appearance. You can feel the weight and construction quality when holding it in your hand. You’ll see how spick-and-span and in-depth the customizations might be. We are convinced that after looking at our examples, you will be satisfied and know that your order will be of the same high calibre.

Another reason you might wish to order a sample before placing a full order has to do with dimensions and scale. You are aware of what an inch is, so it makes sense to you when you read about one on a webpage. But you can see what that truly means when you hold a 2″ and a 2.5″ carabiner side by side. Or you can think you want a particularly big lapel pin only to find out that it would be too enormous at that size.

Comparing customization possibilities might be another component of the physical form. You could want to compare the hard and soft enamel, for instance. Or what distinguishes antiqued brass from antiqued gold? You can get samples by ordering them.

Most of our product sites have an option on the pricing table where you can switch to see the sample pricing instead of the bulk quantity cost, as you’ll notice. Simply navigate to this tab, press the “Add to cart” button, and finish the checkout procedure to order a sample. You will only be able to buy one sample of one product thanks to this. You can order a sample of any item if you wish to compare two different things.


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