South Melbourne Osteopath Clinic – Sports Injury

Let’s look at a common sports injury like a pulled hamstring or calf and see what we can do to avoid it.

Before “pulling” a calf or hamstring, it’s very typical to feel generalized tightness in the lower back, hips, or legs for a long time. Often, the link between, say, a stiff back and the injury is missed, yet they are almost always linked.

The link is that all nerves supplying muscles down the legs must originate in the lower back. As a result, if the lower spine is rigid, the nerves leading to the legs are squeezed, resulting in stiff, tight leg muscles.

It’s the same with knee discomfort; if the back and hips are tensed and not moving smoothly, uneven weight-bearing through the lower limbs occurs. As a result of the knees’ inability to track uniformly and repeat that uneven weight-bearing thousands of times over with running training, knee problems are common.

So it’s worth catching such signs early on and nipping them in the bud… As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Spending some time each day on spinal and hip flexibility exercises, as well as getting some Osteopathic treatment to loosen up stiff joints, maybe part of that prevention.

I’m also a yoga devotee for the same reason: the older we become, the more time we have to invest in retaining mobility and ease of movement.

Rust doesn’t sleep!!

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