You’ve done your homework and come to the conclusion that you’re prepared to start a business selling personalised keychains. So where should we begin? Here is a quick rundown of what needs to happen next.


Custom keychains come in a variety of designs and materials, as well as distinct manufacturing processes. Select the sort that will be most effective for you. Are you requiring it in 3-D? Are there colour fills planned? What sort of packaging are you looking for? If you’re unsure, you can look through the various designs of personalised keychains at to discover your possibilities. Throughout this step, keep in mind that your costs and desired earnings may influence your decision.


You should think about the general size, shape, and material of the keychain you intend to have created when creating your artwork. How small of a detail will look excellent, how many colours can be added, the types of metal platings that are available, and other factors can all be influenced by the keychain style that you select. Do you want the keychain to be shaped like your brand if you’re utilising it? If so, how much border would you need?If you need assistance, the staff at will be pleased to assist you. For optimum results, send us your high-resolution image files. Before starting production, our artists will create a proof for your approval. If you need to maintain a brand identification, we can also Pantone match colours.


All you need to do is wait while production is underway! We put in all the effort. Each product page includes a list of the typical production times. However, in general, you should plan on waiting up to 4 weeks after the approval of the proof before your order is finished. If you have a deadline that you must meet, make appropriate plans. You will receive an email with tracking information once your product ships.


We’ve reached the point where you can start paying for keychains with money. It’s time to sell since you have a completely stocked inventory of beautiful handmade keychains. Selling keychains has been more effective in some circumstances than others. Which one will be applicable in your case?


How much did you invest in the keychains’ price, and how much would you need to recoup to make it worthwhile? Make sure to factor your time into the price. Initially, you might be able to “pay” yourself nothing, making the time practically free, but soon, this will enter the equation. It takes into account the time spent creating the art, travelling (to the store, post office, etc.), marketing (how long does it take to create an ad on your website or on social media), shipping, etc.


item price
invested time
shipping supplies (boxes, labels, tape, supplies)
Shipment charges (to FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc)
Fees for transactions (if using 3rd party site like etsy or ebay)
payments of sales taxes
Travel/Gas (if driving to set up shop at event, specific location)
additional expense (renting a space, employees, etc)
Returns/Replacements (factor in some cushioning to help absorb losses)

You may get an idea of how much each keychain will ultimately cost you by adding up all of these expenses. You can now choose how much to add to that in order to make a profit. As a starting point, set your sale price at at least double your cost. Verify with competitors to make sure that’s a fair price; if not, you may be able to raise it more. Of course, there are other considerations, such as whether you’ll provide free shipping or charge the customer for it. You’ll acquire a sense of what is and isn’t working as you get going and learn how to make adjustments.


Alternately, you might not even want to sell the personalised keychain for a profit. It might be a value-added option for one of your more substantial and lucrative items. Every purchase of a product from your main line includes a sticker and unique keychain. This kind of extra benefit increases consumer happiness and brand loyalty while also promoting your business.


What you make also mainly depends on where and how you intend to market your personalised keychains. Will you put up a booth at a gathering where you must sell as many as you can? The item might also be a “register item” at an already-existing store, where you only want to periodically sell one over a longer period of time. Selling personalised keychains can be done in a variety of ways, each having advantages and disadvantages.


You may reach the largest audience by selling online. You can accomplish that without even using your own website. There are numerous marketplaces that can support your sales. You may quickly reach a potential audience of millions of people by listing your products on one of these marketplaces, and you don’t have to worry about managing the technical side of maintaining a website. The drawback is that using these services will cost you extra money.


The most control will be yours if you run your own website to sell personalised keychains online, but it will require more work. You will need to put in extra effort marketing your goods in addition to building the website to draw more visitors. Once you have your community, it can be well worth it. Additionally, there are various systems that can assist you in creating your website, making it simpler for a non-technical individual to get going. The following services are ideas only; they are not recommendations.



Many of these websites are undoubtedly already familiar to you from your own visits and purchases there. You can open an account with little difficulty and begin selling right away. Again, the established audience is the key benefit of an existing online marketplace. When doing their internet buying, people are aware to go here. However, you will need to sell more in order to make more money because fees will frequently consume at least 10% or more of your sales. The following websites are suitable for selling unique handmade keychains that you have made:

Instagram Marketplace
Shopping on Google



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