What is Finance in Real

What is Finance?
Finance is defined as money management and includes activities such as investment, borrowing, borrowing, budgeting, savings, and forecasting. There are three main types of finance: (1) personal, (2) business, and (3) public / private. This guide will answer the question: what is finance?

Financial Articles
There are a variety of topics that people in the financial industry are concerned about. Below is a list of the most common topics you should expect to encounter in the industry.

  1. Interest rates and spreads
  2. Yield (coupon payments, shares)
  3. Financial statements (balance, income statement, cash flow statement)
  4. Cash flow (free cash flow, other types of cash flow)
  5. Profit (income)
  6. Cost of money (WACC)
  7. Recovery rates (IRR, ROI, ROA)
  8. Assignments and large refunds
  9. Shareholders
  10. Creates a value
  11. Risk and return
  12. Ethical finance

Sources of Financial Information
To learn more about the industry, here are some of the most popular and useful resources:

  • Google Finance (market data, stock prices, news, etc.)
  • SEC website (company inclusion)
  • Bloomberg News (company and industry news)

Financial Services
The financial definition will not be complete without examining industry-related job options. Below are some of the most popular career paths:

  1. Commercial banks
  2. Personal banking (or private banking)
  3. Bank investment
  4. Wealth management
  5. Business finance
  6. Borrowing / borrowing money
  7. Accounting
  8. Financial planning
  9. Treasurer
  10. Audit
  11. Equality research
  12. Insurance











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