What is the best way to find employment as a carpenter in Australia?

Do you want to learn how to get a job as a carpenter in Australia? With Australia’s construction industry booming, there are a plethora of career opportunities for skilled migrants, with a particular need for professional and qualified carpenters.


Learn how to get a job as a carpenter in Australia.


Construction employment has surged by 20.7 percent, according to the Labour Market Information Portal. In 2017, 106,000 carpenters and joiners, 74,800 construction managers, 46,000 painters, 39,000 architectural, building, and surveying technicians, 37,000 concreters, and 33,200 plasterers were working on average.


Carpentry is a lucrative career in Australia, with full-time employees earning a typical weekly pay of roughly $1,250 before taxes.


There are some things you must do and prepare if you want to work as a carpenter in big cities such as Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, and other parts of Australia. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the most essential ones.


  • Obtaining certification
  • Tools and safety equipment are required.
  • Obtaining employment
  • Carpenters’ wages
  • pursuing a career as a carpenter
  • As a trained carpenter, I moved to Australia.
  • Carpenter visas are common.
  • 189 Visa for Skilled Independent Workers
  • 190 Visas for Skilled Nominees
  • Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa 482 (previously 457) or 187 Working Holiday Visa sponsored by an employer
  • Visas that require a skills evaluation
  • International students may be able to participate in an apprenticeship.
  • In Australia, you must first qualify for a trade.


Obtaining the necessary qualifications to work as a carpenter in Australia


To improve your prospects of working as a carpenter in Australia, you must first obtain a carpenter’s license in your native country.


After that, you can apply for a White Card, which certifies that you’ve finished a General Construction Induction or White Card course. This will teach you about Australian safety standards and other related topics.


It is possible to apply for a white card online.

  • Tools and safety equipment are required.


The following step is to obtain the necessary tools and safety equipment.


A chisel set, drill and driver, hammer, nail gun, and tool belt are some of the essential instruments. A hard hat, steel-capped boots, and protective glasses are all required pieces of safety gear.


More safety and protective equipment may be offered depending on the nature of your employment.















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